Snow White and the Huntsman is a 2012 horror film starring Charlize Theron, Leanardo DiCaprio, Betty White, Blake Lively, John Michael Higgins, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Will Ferrel, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


Rated R for graphic violence, explicit sensuality and nudity, and rude and coarse language. This Parents Guide proves this.

Sex and NudityEdit

A girl takes the boy's shirt off and a boy takes the girl's shirt off (her bare back is seen), and they lie in bed.

Violence and GoreEdit

Take the skeletons. Take the zombies. Take the old hag. Take the huntsmen.


Snow White uses the words: jerk, stupid, idiot, hell, damn, fool, crap, and shit.

Old hag uses the words: crap, stupid, idiot, damn, jerk, hell, and goddamn.

Huntsmen uses the words: goddamn, damn, jerk, hell, shit, idiot, and hell.


Old hag drinks a poison.

A boy grabs beer from a man and drinks it all. The man said, Hey that's my good stuff!

Frightening and Intense ScenesEdit

Skeletons, old hags, zombies, huntsmen.


Twisted fairy tale starring two loveables, Amy Adams and Leanardo DiCaprio. They try to get married, but ends up ruined.

How could it be alternate?Edit

Much alternate, like Shrek Forever After.

Why is it rated R?Edit

It's in an alternate world.

Much darker and meaner than ever in twisted fairy tales.